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Claus Lauter www.100dollarmarketer.com

Claus Lauter – www.100dollarmarketer.com

My name is Claus and I am 45 year old dude living in the awesome city of Cape Town in South Africa.

The short version of about me: Marketing Director, Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, Cape Town Lover, Blogger, Natural Bodybuilder, Fitness Trainer, Chef/Cook, Book Author, Pizza Lover, XING.com Ambassador Cape Town, Dog Owner

The longer version of about me:

My Story
Originally born and breed in Germany. My family was in the hotel business (No, not the Paris Hilton style) and I grew up in hotels (3 Star Hotels, not more, not less). Starting my professional life as a cook/chef and into a classic hotel career. I ended up working for well known 5 Star Hotels in different jobs and finally in Sales & Marketing.

When I turned 30 I decided to change the industry and joined Johnson & Johnson for a few years. It was a lucky decision as Internet really started and I was in the middle of a huge corporation finding its way into this medium. I became one of the European main guys for website projects within J&J and it was a really amazing time. Beside of this I travelled a lot 😉

I was always interested in IT & Computers. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81. And so I also worked as IT Manager for a hotel, IT Manager for a consulting firm and finally did my own start-up company with “Software as a Service” solutions back in the year 2001. A bit of bad timing for a internet business as the new economy with all the money and venture capital just went down the drain.

In other words I started my entrepreneurship in a very difficult time. But with a lot of hard work, a good team and a necessary portion of humour we made it into the market. In that time I learned a lot of internet marketing and how to do marketing when you do not have a budget for it at all.

In 2007 I sold my shares of my own company and moved to Cape Town, South Africa. I was hired as a business development manager for an international outsourcing company and launched a new business for them. After a couple of months I got the offer to join another company with more of an entrepreneur approach. I joined and found the best job ever. Since then my business partners have launched a number of businesses, I became shareholder and director of some of them.

So Why the 100 Dollar Marketer Blog?

With this blog I want to share some of the experience I made in more than 15 years of Internet Business and Online Marketing. I learned a lot, but also made a lot of wrong decisions. I tried a lot of things in Internet Marketing and some worked, some didn’t. For someone not running a Internet Business, but being aware of the marketing potential for almost every business, it is almost impossible to invest enough time to find out the best online strategy for his/hers business.

I don’t consider myself an online marketing guru, but I learned a few things as entrepreneur and in internet marketing.

Here is my top list:

  • Focus on your business.
  • One don’t waste time, be aware of “Time Bandits”.
  • Be curious, always try new things. Don’t be scared to fail.
  • Don’t waste money, but “Cheap can be expensive.”
  • Find the right consultants and you find the right answer.
  • And with Steven Jobs “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”.

What can I do for you?

I offer you 1 hour for a brainstorming session and an outsider opinion on your marketing and internet marketing activities. Yes, you might find all the information and some of the ideas that I might give you for free on the internet. But do you have the time to search, filter and funnel all the information, just to find one idea?

  • Do you have time to read plenty of books, hundreds of articles,talk to other internet experts and check 100+ rss newsfeeds a day?
  • Do you have the experience of 15 years on how web technology works and the understanding what works and what doesn?t?

I do, and that is the reason why one hour with me might give you some new ideas to boost your marketing, get new clients and help with your business.

Sounds interesting? Click here to learn how you can benefit from a 1 hour consultation!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on the blog frequently!