Everything you know about Marketing is wrong!

Well, that is a bit harsh. Sorry.

But how would it be to get an outside opinion and brainstorm with an Internet Marketing Expert? For sure you will get some valuable ideas for your business. Isn’t that cool? Read on.

You are running a business, planning to bring your business to the next level or thinking about to start a business.

You have this brilliant business idea. Can be anything and you are sure it will work. If only enough people will hear about it.

And yes, you know about the power of internet marketing.

BUT (yes, there is always a but). Internet Marketing is a huge topic and every 5 minutes something new comes up.

You ask yourself:

  • Is Facebook the right medium?
  • Will I have the time to tweet all the time (I am talking about Twitter)
  • How should my website look like, will it be found in Google?
  • Do I need a newsletter? Do I need a blog? How does LinkedIn work for me
  • What the hell is Pinterest, so.cl or Google+?
  • Is the guy that offers me the whole online package honest?
  • What are the 21 Ways to Screw up your Internet Marketing?

And most importantly when should I have time do all this stuff? You have to run a business!

So what to do? Hire an agency, paying a hell lot of money and trust that they do the right thing?
Ahh.. you do not have the money for this, as you rather spend it into more important things.

I got you. I can fully understand. I have been there.

But (another but, but a good one). It is your lucky day. I can help you.

I tell you what I won’t do for you

  • I will not build a website for your.
  • I will not create marketing material, logos etc for you.
  • I will not create or manage Twitter, Facebook or whatsoever Social Media accounts for you.
  • I will not sell you to some friends of me, who than sell you the above services.
  • I am not doing Pay per Click or any other Internet services for you.

So you might ask yourself: What the hell does this guy offer?

Here is what I offer you as your guide to finding new online marketing ideas and in optimizing your existing internet marketing.