How to find the right business partners, suppliers & consultants

Find business partners, consultants and suppliers that understand your business and deliver products and services that match your approach on quality.

When I started my business I had this problem a few times.

First it was the lawyer that we used to create our contracts. We were referred to a huge law firm and they were quick in getting us as clients. Soon we found out that the were to expensive for us and more problematic they did not understand our business and problems.

Same problem with our tax consultants. We used a big tax and very known tax consultant firm. They did a good job and only a year later we found out that we paid to much for services  that we could cheaper somewhere else.

So we switched to a tax consultant who was dealing mainly with small business owners. But that was a bad choice either. Problem here was that it was a elderly tax consultant who was good in dealing with painters and plumbers etc., but again he had no clue what our fancy web business was all about.

So we decided to change our tax consultant for the third time. And this time it was a perfect match. We had a medium sized tax consultant firm with a manager in his 40s, who at least did know what a web browser is and had a basic understanding what our business concept was about.

Same story with suppliers. Let me give you an example here. When we started we needed stationary like enveloped, fliers etc. Again we asked around and a company was recommended to us. They provided a good service, quality was good and we chose them as our supplier. A while later and with a bit more experience we found a cheaper supplier who delivered the same quality.

To find the right business partners is a most critical and properly the most difficult task for every entrepreneur.

Obviously you start with people you know and trust. And as long as everything runs well, things are good. But if things start going wrong, like business goes slow or you are running out of money, you need to be careful.

A lot of people can not stand the stress that come with running a business. They become stress mean aggressive, depressive or bitchy. They start to blame other people, including you, for what happens. They try to drag you over the table or try to leave the sinking ship to cover their arse.

So be very careful when you chose your business partners as friends can become enemies very fast.

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